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General Instructions

General Instruction

Student of Prakash Global School are bound to follow the rules and set a good example of their conduct and behaviour.
1. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in an academic session.
2. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. Desciplinary action's will be taken against defaulters.
3. Parents/ Guardians are requested not to meet the teachers in their classroom without the permission of the Principal.
4. All the students are requested to maintain hygiene and must turn up smartly well dressed in the prescribed uniform. Parents are also requested to help students for the same.
5. Irregularity in attendance, neglect of homework habitual indescipline, disrespectful behaviour towards teacher and fellow students, bad moral influence, use of bad languages use of unfair means during examinations, leaving the school premises without permission, willful damage to school property etc. will be sufficient reason for the students dismissal from the school.
6. Parents must realise that parents-teacher meeting are very important and must attend them regularly. If they do not get time they should be in contact with principal about the progress of their child.